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Financial Literacy

One of the missing links to education is financial literacy. Teaching children about money and providing them with a solid financial education early in life is critical to their future. Through our financial literacy program, students will gain insight into the basic survival principles involved with earning, spending, saving and investing. The early financial literacy educational experience will instill basic personal financial management skills in students and establish good financial habits. Pasadena Rosebud Academy will partner with Pasadena Services Federal Credit Union to provide early financial literacy to students. Students will open a savings account and watch their money grow. Through our financial literacy program students will:

  • Learn the difference between wants and needs
  • Build their money skills
  • Invest in their future
  • Teach children the responsibilities of money and sound personal finance
  • Teach responsibility, self-reliance, how not to be covetous of things or toys, and how to use savings to reach personal financial success early in life.
  • Learn how to calculate interest rates
  • Learn about investing
  • Learn the importance and benefit of financial independence