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A Note from the Director

Your child’s reading and educational success is going to largely depend on you and the home environment. The best thing you can do to ensure that your child will grow up reading well and loving to read is to read to him/her everyday. The time you spend reading together will create a special bond between the two of you. It will create a positive cycle of academic success that will be passed on from generation to generation.  

I want to encourage you to take the nightly reading with your child very seriously. Build a home library to provide your child with access to a variety books. It has been proven that children who grow up in homes where they have access to lots of good books whenever they choose have naturally superior language art skills and are academically successful.  

In addition to you reading to your child every night, it is important that your child read books, every evening, which are appropriate for his/her reading level. Every week your child’s teacher sends home a decodable book that is grade level appropriate. If your child is an emerging reader, these books will provide your child with the practice and skills that they need to develop into a good reader. Your child’s teacher has provided your child with a nightly reading log that should be filled out every evening. Schedule a routine time for you and your child to read together. Make filling out the reading log a part of your ritual to ensure.