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Welcome to 4th Grade

Looking forward to an exciting year.....
I believe that all children can learn-
Some are tall enough
Some can climb
Some just need to be lifted


Holiday Program Outfit - December 17

The song I have picked for class is - " Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer"
Black Bottoms - ( skirts would be nice with black tights, but can wear pants too)
Black shoes or boots.
Red long sleeved turtleneck T shirt
Reindeer Headband
Black Pants
Black Shoes
Red long sleeved turtleneck T shirt
Reindeer Headband

Science Quiz and Test Information

  • Science Quiz #1: Chapter 6, Lesson 1&2, Monday, Nov.2
  • Science Quiz #2: Lesson 3 & 4, Tuesday, Nov.10
  • Science Test: Chapter 6, Rocks and Minerals Thursday, Nov. 12

California Cookie

I may be missing some names of volunteers. I apologize as something went wrong with my computer  and I lost some emails. If I have not added your name, please email me back and join me for the project.
Monday - SET UP :                           11: 50 am
                 PROJECT:                        12:15pm
                 PICK UP FOR BAKING:   2:15pm
Tuesday - SET UP :                           11: 50 am
                 PROJECT:                        12:15pm

California Cookie

Thank you for your donations!
Parents donating Cookie Trays -
  • Please specify how many?  I need 8 in all.
  • Will return the cookie trays after cookies are baked
Need Parent Volunteers to help:
Oct. 19 - 2- 3 more parents
Oct. 19 -  3 more parents (To bake cookies)
Oct 20 - 2 more parents

Fiction Book Report Due: Monday, Oct.5

Are You On Track?
  • Your students should have read the book by now.
  • Your student should have completed the written graphic organizer by now.
  • Book Talk - Oct. 5 - Oct.10
  •  Prepare ALL questions under BOOK TALK.
  • DO NOT answer in question/answer format. Make your Book Talk engaging.
  • Points are taken off for using Note Cards.
  • Practice Book Talk at home for Eye Contact and Voice Projection.