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Mission & Vision

The mission of the Pasadena Rosebud Academy is to provide a quality education through uncompromisingly high expectations and standards for all students, staff, and parents in Pasadena and surrounding areas. Teachers will use programs and strategies that stimulate all senses and engage students using a variety of learning modalities. Learning is a function of the whole child and we challenge all children to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Through the coordinated efforts of staff, parents, and community, students will excel academically and develop a sense of responsibility, confidence, pride, and self-worth.

To produce life long learners by providing an educational experience that maximizes academic achievement, political awareness, and develops social and economic responsibility. Students will be given an opportunity to thrive in a complex and changing world using technology and innovative teaching strategies.

• To attract, train, and maintain highly qualified teachers, and staff.
• To identify each student’s strongest learning modality and to find academic opportunities for our students to express themselves in their most comfortable modality.
• To ensure teachers are equipped with a myriad of skills, techniques and tools that promote teaching and learning.
• To ensure that parents and the community are an integral part of the learning process.

• To uphold a strong Academic Performance Index
• To exceed NCLB requirements
• For our students to be in the upper quartile of CSTs
• To be proficient in using computers and other relevant technology tools
• To build a parent community that is active on campus, and accessible in person or via the internet.